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Dear Friends,

Having born and brought up in Chennai it was heart wrenching to see the destruction the flooding has caused to many parts of my hometown. It was hard to see families who have lost their home, their belongings, their loved ones through all the social media. Being so far away from home I have been feeling so guilty of not being able to help with any of the relief efforts. 

My sister Sofia Satish who resides in Chennai told me that our school, Sacred Heart Matriculation Higher Secondary School also known as Church Park, is housing around 700 people (~150 families) where the relief & rehabilitation efforts being done by the our alumni, our devoted teachers and our convent sisters (see pictures).

So I am using what means I have to help my fellow Church Park alumni. You can join me in donating to them through DD Helping Hands. Your contributions will go directly towards helping these 150 families who have lost everything in the recent floods in Chennai. Even a small contribution makes a big difference to these poor families.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Mary Ashok

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