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Dancing Damsels Inc. (DD) is a non-profit dance promotions company established with a wide range of objectives. It has got a clear vision and mission to materialize it’s objectives. The main objectives of the company are P.E.A.C.E.

  • PROMOTE - cultural arts and cultural exchange

  • EMPOWER - women to exercise equal opportunities

  • APPRECIATE - women success and achievements

  • CELEBRATE - womanhood and motherhood

  • ENCOURAGE - women to pursue their dreams and aspirations


1. International Women’s Day (IWD) -

To celebrate the woman hood and to empower women to exercise equal opportunities DD decided to host International Women’s Day every year in March. In this event successful women from different walks of life are invited as guest speakers to motivate and inspire women to pursue to their dreams and aspirations.

2. DD Women Achiever’s Award -

Every year DD will be giving awards to successful women achievers in various fields such as-



3.Community Leadership


5.Performing Arts

6.Science Technology





11.Media & Communication


The public nominations are invited one year in advance. Based on the public demand and the DD selection criteria; DD Executive Committee will select the women achievers every year. The awards will be presented on International Women’s Day and achievers will be awarded a plaque.

3. Mother’s Day -

Dancing Damsels celebrate Mother’s Day in May every year. This event is designed to celebrate Motherhood and all the mothers attending will be presented with gifts. There will be lots of fun for mothers including cake cutting, games and gift exchanges. This will be a ticketed event.

4. Appreciation Dinner & Reception Party -

All the DD women achievers will be given an opportunity to celebrate their award with their friends and relatives by giving them a reception party. At the same time, DD takes this opportunity to appreciate their supporters and sponsors by giving an appreciation dinner. Both events are merged with Mother’s Day celebration to be held in May every year.

5. Mother’s Day Photo Contest -

Dancing Damsels will be conducting a Mother’s Day photo contest every year. Through this contest DD is aiming to find the popular mom through public voting and the DD Rocking Mom title will be awarded. At the same time, based on the quality, a photograph will also be selected for a prize. The prizes will vary depending on the sponsorship. The rocking mom and the photo contest winners will get the opportunity to cut the Mother’s Day cake at the Mother’s Day celebration. The photo contest is conducted to proclaim the dignity of motherhood.

6. DD Dance Fest -

Dance fest is conducted to showcase all dance forms including Indian & Western with the intention of promoting cultural arts and cultural exchange. Various dance schools and dance companies are contacted to work as organizing partners for this fest. All dancers will be given an opportunity to collaborate with different dancers /companies to get the best outcome. This will be conducted in a highly professional manner and many volunteer opportunities will be provided. This will be a ticketed event held mid-October each year.

7. Fundraiser -

DD is not registered for charity and will not be issuing any tax exemption receipts. However, based on the objectives of the company, it will be dedicated to help women in their vital issues. In 2014, DD will be using the funds raised at the dance fest to fight against the poverty of women. This will vary year to year. The money will be raised only through sponsorship and ticket sales.

8. Souvenir -

Dancing Damsels will publish a souvenir portraying all the yearly events of DD along with profiles of all artists who have participated in the dance fest. There will be opportunity for sponsors and well-wishers to advertise in the souvenir. DD Souvenir will be published every year during the dance fest.

9. DD Family Picnic -

Nothing is possible without the support of our family. This picnic is dedicated for our DD family. On this day all DD members can bring their family and friends for the picnic. This will be preregistered with minimal entrance fee. During this day long event, different activities will be conducted for various ages will be held. The main attraction of the picnic will be the “Food Contest”. Everyone who wishes to participate for the cooking contest, have to bring the food prepared enough to serve at least 10 people. Everyone who attend the picnic will be able to vote for the best recipe. There can be separate competitive sections for breakfast, lunch, snack & dinner. Prizes will be sponsored. Picnic will be held in July every year.

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