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Q: What is Dancing Damsels Inc. all about? What are your objectives? Is this a feminist movement?

A: Dancing Damsels Inc. is a dance promotions company registered and incorporated as non-profit. We are not a feminist group or a female activist group. Our’s is a P.E.A.C.E movement run by women who are passionate about performing arts.

P stands for Promote - Promote Cultural Arts & Cultural Exchange
E stands for Empower - Empower women to exercise equal opportunities
A stands for Appreciate - Appreciate women success & achievements
C stands for Celebrate - Celebrate Womanhood & Motherhood
E stands for Encourage - Encourage women to pursue their dreams and aspirations

We conduct events throughout the year based on our company objectives. Our annual events are International Women’s Day in March and Mother’s Day in May. In the fall each year we organize a fundraiser dance festival where part of our proceeds goes towards our charity initiative DD - Helping Hands. Other than that DD Dance group regularly performs for all cultural organizations on a voluntary basis.

Q: Are you associated with any Cultural Organizations or any strings attached with any religious groups?

A: Like we’ve mentioned before, Dancing Damsels Inc. is a non-profit multicultural arts promotions company. We are not at all associated with any Cultural Organizations or groups. Cultural associations have invited us to work under their women wing and we are thankful to them for their kind gesture.

We are an independent company with our own mission and vision. As we are beyond language/sex/religion, we are not stuck to any one language or affiliated to any religious group. Anyone who loves to dance can join our company as performers and anyone who is interested in our objectives can join and work with us an organizer. Anyone who find some value in our deeds can become our member as supporter. That means our company is not only for dancers and women but also for everyone regardless of age, religion or language.

Q: Do you teach dance? Are you a threat to other dance schools and dance companies?

A: We are a dance “promotions” company not a dance company or dance school. What we do is promote performing arts by conducting various events through mutual cooperation of artists and art institutions . So we are not their enemies but their supporter and friend.

Q: Why are you conducting events like other cultural organizations? Are you working against them?

A: Depending solely on Cultural Organizations does not give us the enough opportunities to showcase all our performers or repertoires. Performing members of our company are adult women from various ethnicity and some cultural organizations may have restrictions on their participation. Therefore we make our own opportunities by organizing our own events.

We also like to be unique hence organize events that don’t conflict with other organizations. We have a good rapport with various cultural organizations and their leaders. Many of them have offered their support by being part of our advisory team. If anyone is not supportive it may be because of their attitude or misunderstanding about our company and objectives. We look forward to have everyone’s complete support.

Q: How you do charity and organize fundraisers? Are you a registered charitable organization?

A: We are not registered as a charitable organization. Anyone can do charity and there is no need to be registered to do that. When we fund raise we use the profits of the event towards helping the less fortunate women & children through our charity initiative call DD - Helping Hands. We raise this money only through sponsorships and ticket sales.This is made possible only by the generous support of our sponsors and well wishers. We don’t give tax-exemption receipts but the receipt we give may be used for tax purposes.

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