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Toronto International Dance Festival (TIDF)


(TIDF 2015)

Success! Another Festival to Be Proud Of!

~~~Dance glows with an abundance of intense "RAINBOW" colours!!

The International "DD Dance Fest 2015" unites the colours of dance in all their vividness, radiance and uniqueness~~~~

On Saturday 24th Oct'2015,at the Armenian Youth Centre in North York where the Toronto based "DANCING DAMSELS" brought together dozens of dance groups showcasing their art at one stage held at Toronto, the International dancing festival enticingly called DD DANCE FEST 2015!!

This is the International dance festival’s second year running and the Dancing Damsels, a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote cultural integration and showcasing various Indian and International dance forms demonstrating the rich cultural heritage of India and International level from across the globe which helps foster a bonding among the diverse communities from around the world.

"The emotions are stirred and take form in words.

If words are not enough, we speak in sighs.

If sighs are not enough, we sing them.

If singing is not enough, then unconsciously,

our hands dance them and our feet tap them.”

This cultural night, with its shimmering attires, various performances and beaming smiles, riveted the audiences and kept the spirits high. The Festival brings audiences together to share common cultural experiences and see the arts as integral to their lives and communities, providing free access to a breadth of forms of art that stimulate the imagination and provide an experience that inspires people.

Dance is the rejuvenation of mind, body and soul and watching all magnificent dance performance and performers in the backdrop of artistically carved and magnificently decorated stage will make your heart sing the songs and put your feet to tap into dance.This dance festivals provide a common platform to the artistes (to display their talent) and the dance connoisseurs (to see and appreciate the performing arts by masters as well as novices).

These festivals prove to be a lavish feast for the eyes and ears of the National/International dance lovers.


(Argentinian Tango, Ballet Folklorico Puro Mexico - Neuvo Leon,Belly Dance, Bharathanatyam Classical Dance,Bollywood Dance, Chinese Traditional Dance, Chunaengjon - Korean court dance, Contemporary Ballet ,Egyptian Cultural Dance, Flamenco, Hip Hop, Jazz Dance,Jewish Cultural Dance, Kathak Classical Dance, Kutchipudi Classical Dance,Mexican Folkloric Group "TONATIUH, Mohiniattam Classical Dance, Odissi Classical Dance,Polish Cultural Dance, Salsa, Swing Dance, Tamil Cultural Dance, Tap Dance, Waacking).

Flawless performance by all the renowned artists captivated the audience heart and make them "Spell bound".

The quality of dance performed here is unmatched in terms of presentation and quality. The brightly lit, shimmering venue also makes the performances beautiful as well as mesmerizing.

“It’s a beautiful festival because it brings everybody together from different diverse backgrounds, and you learn from and are inspired by each other; that’s what we love about it.

A Spectacular Evening! A sincere thank you to all who made this evening possible, including the VIPs, DIGNITARIES,GRAND SPONSORS, talented dancers the 2015 Honorary and Host Committee members and of course all the Gala attendees,supporters and those talented MEDIA PERSONS and special thanks to those persons behind the screen!

Thank you for making the 2015 Gala a Success!

Report by: Smriti Dash

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