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Dancing Damsels is looking for a dynamic individual for the post of Project for our ongoing Toronto International Music Series (TIMS).

Reports to: Managing Director – Dancing Damsels Inc.

Term: Short term contract for 3 months

Salary: $25/hour at 20 hrs. /week

Detailed Responsibilities:

-Responsible for developing and managing the project marketing plan and working with project team to execute on plans.

-Monitor day-to-day activities on the project and ensure work is progressing as planned.

-Work with project team in pushing the campaign forward, and be actively involved in all aspects of the work in a marketing capacity.

-Manage marketing schedules, assets, and overall project organization to ensure requirements and project delivery dates are clearly communicated, understood and executed upon by the whole team.

-Effectively and efficiently plan and prioritize all resources working across projects based on scope of work and project goals.

-Actively monitor project risks and scope to identify potential problems and proactively identify solutions to address them in advance.

-Consistently identify needs that Clients may not recognize and ensure approaches and solutions are linked to objectives and future needs.

-Continuously manage client understanding on the status of their campaign through weekly phone communication, ensure delivery of the highest quality service, and solicit and act on client feedback.

-Communicate and document project status on a bi-weekly basis, including progress throughout the project.

What we are looking for:


•Experience of coordinating and leading varied programs (+Music Industry Focus)

•Excellent written and verbal communication skills

•Excellent organizational and administration skills

•Budget management

•Experience of carrying out evaluation and monitoring of music programs

•Experience of coordinating a range of performance opportunities

•Knowledge and understanding of the music industry and the cultural education sector

•Experience of working in a team

•Willingness to work collaboratively across art forms


•Experience of working in culturally diverse settings

•Understanding of and commitment to Equal Opportunities and diversity

•Confident user of Microsoft Office Packages.

•Understanding of and commitment to the use of digital technologies in creative education

Please submit your resume and cover letter for consideration to on or before January 10, 2022.


About the organization: Dancing Damsels Inc. is an incorporated non-profit (Reg. No: 8607877 ) company registered in 2013 under the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, which works to educate and empower through Multi and Intercultural Arts by organizing various events and festivals in the Greater Toronto. For further information please visit


The project coordinator is responsible for the engagement, development, coordination and execution of Senior’s related programs organized by Dancing Damsels.

Reports to: Project Leader – Gita Sankaran

Program – NHSP related projects

About the position:

•Supervisory responsibility – oversees the project facilitators and assistants. The project coordinator is responsible for hiring them, setting project expectations and overseeing performance management.

Project coordination – development of curricula and resource materials (in multiple languages), maintain proper documentation and records, design project evaluation and outcomes, prepare project report for funding agency, monitor project expenditures in accordance with budget & deliverables

•Public Relations/Promotion/Marketing – development strategies for marketing project and creating content for promotional materials, ensuring project updates on website and social media, promote project to community stakeholders and target immigrant populations

•Team Work – Timely update provided to project leader about the project progress, prepare quality report, survey and reports to present to project lead, attend monthly board meetings, encourage and participate in project related events and activities, execute project related duties as instructed by Project Lead.

What we are looking for:

•Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, Human Services, Community Health Services, and Performing Arts/Art related disciplines.

•Experience is project coordination, preferably with immigrant communities

•Experience with art related project for elderly population of diverse ethnicities

•Excellent communication skills, budget management, marketing & promotional skills

•Proficient in computer skills with proficiency in MS Office suite

•Effective interpersonal and organizational skills

•Ability to work with teams of seniors

This a short term contract (6 month) position that has potential for rehiring based on performance.

Minimum of 20 hours per week working hours is required

Deadline for application: November 30, 2021

**This job application is now closed**

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