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Dancing Damsels Inc. is committed to serving its objectives of P.E.A.C.E. by organizing various events throughout the year. A supportive / volunteer member is an adult male or female non-dance member. Being a volunteer is a rewarding experience, as you get an opportunity to make a valued contribution to our community. It also provides you an opportunity to make new friends and interact with like-minded people while contributing to a great cause. Your support will help realize the goals and objectives of our company.

If you have a specific skill (costume designing, make-up & hairstyle, technical expertise) please mention it when you fill out the online registration form. There is no fee to become a supportive/volunteer member.


Dancing Damsels Inc. welcomes only adult female non-professional dancers and choreographers to join us. Being a part of the dance company takes a certain amount of commitment, dedication and time, as well as learning the art of dance. This commitment also includes shows, possible additional practices, special events and travel with proper notice and planning. Fund raising activities will additionally be required of each member.

A performer member has a one-time registration fee of $20/-payable to Dancing Damsels Inc.

Partner Organizers:

Dancing Damsels Inc. is focused on strengthening local talents in the performing arts and community networks. We welcome supportive relationships with local businesses, community groups and other dance companies.


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