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About Dancing Damsels Inc.

Dancing Damsels is a registered not-for-profit multicultural arts promotions company dedicated to the empowerment of women.

The objectives of the company are –

• PROMOTE - cultural arts and cultural exchange

• EMPOWER - women to exercise equal opportunities

• APPRECIATE - women’s successes and achievements

• CELEBRATE - womanhood and motherhood

• ENCOURAGE - women to pursue their dreams and aspirations

Founded in 2013 the company’s artistic mandate and programming vision is to present International and Multicultural art forms through various events organized throughout the year. It promotes cultural exchanges among multicultural ethnic groups in Ontario through a wide variety of organized cultural programs.

International Women’s Day Canada (DD Women Achiever Awards) and the Toronto International Dance Festival (TIDF) are our 2 major annual events. By hosting TIDF each year the Dancing Damsels’ goal is to broaden the public awareness of the myriad dance forms that exist and to foster collaboration among Toronto’s many different artistic/dance communities.

Under Mary Ashok’s leadership as Managing Director, Dancing Damsels has established itself as a unique organization that truly empowers women through the performing arts. Since its inception in 2013, Dancing Damsels has successfully organized 8 major events. Furthermore, 40 women have been recognized with the DD Women Achiever Award for their outstanding contributions to the community each through their own line of work. More than 60 dance companies and more than 500 dance performers have been provided an opportunity to showcase their talents and expertise during each of these events and festivals.

Dancing Damsels is ably supported by a highly accomplished Advisory Board members - Anu Srivastava, Jayadevan Nair, Mokshi Virk, Mercy Elengikal, Jobson Easow, Joy Verghese, Sudharshan Meenakshisundaram, Balu Naliel, Ramesh Bangalore, Sabita Panigrahi, Pushpa Johnson, Nirmala Thomas, Jayasankar Pillai, Lata Menon, K. Varadharajan and Sandhya Srivatsan; plus many Cultural Organization Leaders and countless volunteers.

Website: www.dancingdamsels.ccom /


Phone: 416.788.6412

Facebook: DancingDamsels

Twitter: DancingDamsels

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